Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I made a small change to the slide about the three dimensions of videoconferencing, mostly to point to the impact of Moore's Law on network bandwidth. I also deleted the Group Exercise slide, which takes away a big chunk of time.

Please take a look at Examples of Broadly Used Applications on page 50. That slide precedes mine titled Technology for Organizations. It seems to me that some of the examples on your slide are not really technologies for organizations (e.g., Netmeeting). Maybe your slide should be retitled, Impact of Organizational Behavior on Technology Use, or something like that.

My feeling is that there is missing slide in the communities section. The point is well made that social software is exploding and it is offering new ways to manage knowledge. In each of the other sections, we talk explicitly about adoption. We talk about influences on adoption such as Moore's Law and organizational behavior, and we specifically address the barriers to adoption of desktop video conferencing and workflow management. In this case, we have an enormous adoption success, but we are not explicit about why that success is occurring, and occurring largely in support of communities, while creeping more slowly into organizations and groups. One could readily say that Moore's Law has enabled capabilities. There are a lot of challenges to successful design of multiuser technologies, and why have these technologies escaped all those problems? Personally, I would love to hear what you would say about this.
Interesting to know.
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