Saturday, August 13, 2005

Uploaded INTERACT Notes, Slides, Materials to BSCW site. All are labelled 8-12-05.

Notes: I believe the content is complete for my stuff. I emailed some suggestions for your section. It will need a clean-up pass to make sure footer is OK, to put blank pages only at appropriate places to get sections to start at top of pages, and so on.

Slides: There in one slide in the Future section that is an enrichment slide that is still work in progress, on Moore's Law. It does not have a corresponding Note page. I will put it in later, there is no rush.

Materials: I emailed some observations about needed changes. I need to add the CSCW 2004 TOC and if I get ambitious ECSCW 2005.

Intro pages: Not yet revised.

Page numbers, author order, handout footer text all needs to be cleaned up before we ship.

Observation: The differences between the CSCW and HCI versions in the past were one page in the Intro material, some slides in my opening section, and additional CSCW material for the Future section. I've radically changed the Future section and will keep it the same across tutorials. I think we want to keep the early differences: explain the basic concept of CSCW and why we focus on it for Collab Tech in the HCI version, and include a handful of CSCW history slides for the CSCW version only. But with the differences fewer I will just create a separate document that has all the slides that are different. We will still have "Current Version," namely the last of each type that was presented.

We should clean up the Current Versions folder when we are done with this. I have had trouble moving things out of it in BSCW.
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