Monday, May 03, 2004

Updated HCI slides following tutorial presentation at CHI, will update Notes and CSCW versions following input from Steve. Changes:

making font sizes more regular across slides
fixing title bar line color on a few slides

After CHI:
Added tickmark animation to illustrate first exercise
In Human Org Structures section, repeated first technology features & categories slide then deleted technology examples from 3 slides with rectangles for groups orgs and communities
Added animation to Young & Rubicam to highlight 3 good examples
Fixed circle placement on Web/Jail slide
Fixed spacing and reworded Toda slide

Additional notes taken at CHI:
Steve: use of he or she for CEO
possible individual or composite image for Clearboard, other multimedia systems
possible coverage of expertise finding (Ackerman, MacDonald) since came up in exercises
Jonathan: reduce final section
expand blog section

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